Star Squad

Star Squad is a science fiction real-time strategy game with beautiful 3D art and fast-paced combat! Go to war against Emperor Titanfist by assembling the best crew you can find, customizing your star ship, and exploring the galaxy.

Fast-Paced Battles
Travel from planet to planet and combat enemy space ships. Strategically lower their defenses and weapons to eventually bring down their engine!

Stunning Art
Dozens of charming crew members will join you in your fight as you do battle in full 3D.

Engaging PVP
Do you have what it takes to rise to the top of the PvP charts? Solidify your conquest of the stars as you climb in the PvP ladders.


  • Stunning 3D graphics!
  • Robust ship customization
  • Fast-paced real-time space combat!
  • Recruit crew members and have them man your ship.
  • Battle thousands of other users around the world to prove who is the best!

Star Squad is optimized for Phones and Tablets.

A network connection is required to play.

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